09 September 2010


he sings in front of me
he is virtuous enough to be himself and not play make believe with who he really is just to be more appealing
he never makes me late to meet my friends
he hates brand new shoes as much as I do
he kicks me underneath the table
he surprises me with what he knows
he doesn’t have a magazine rack in the bathroom
he is cool with the fact that I look crazy in the morning
he knows how to explain himself
he is a free spirit 
he doesn't run like hell the minute something goes wrong
he smells good but not like a department store
he eats like a hippy but he is smart enough not to look like one
he makes me shut up when a good song comes on
he charms me by how well he plays with others
he says hi to strangers
he wears good underwear 
he is a hard worker
he calls me on my bullshit
he won’t judge me for watching Pretty Woman or Working Girl everytime they are on cable TV.
he doesn’t order a venti frappuccino with whip cream and then tell me he’s being naughty  
he doesn't think pooping in front of me will make us close
he winks at me when no one else is looking
he doesn't need to be the center of attention
he softens me up
he doesn’t dream of one day moving to New York
he doesn’t buy art at Ikea
he doesn’t read books about how to be happy/successful/rich/sexy
he whispers dirty things in my ear in public
he likes being naked in front of me
he loves women and doesn’t wince when he hears the word vagina
he attracts animals
he makes me happy I never settled 
he tells me what he wonders about things instead of telling me what he knows
he is confident
he doesn't believe in tough love and other excuses to be a dickwad
he inspires me to think differently


  1. its strangly comforting to know that you know some, most, of the items on my own "wish list".

  2. This actually made me emotional, to find someone who ticks all these boxes and to be inexplicably in love with that person. Man, I want that sooo bad!

    he doesn't think pooping in front of me will make us close - I would rather DIE!

  3. ...and when You'll find him, take him in your heart and won't let him leave it!