19 November 2010


I was getting ready for work this morning and couldn't find the brown belt I hadn't worn in ages. Digging through my closet, I came across the underwear Dan had left that night. (they had gotten lost in between my sheets and they were just grey Hanes, so you hadn't worried about needing them right then).   When i reached for the belt, they fell onto the floor and, just like that, I was there again.  Without thinking,  I  held them up to remember what you looked like that night of a thousand crows. You were smiling, pressing your face into my neck,  telling me you loved me and I couldn't hide my happiness.  (I had no idea that would be the last night we would ever spend together). I held them to my nose and took a deep breathe and I could still smell you,  your fabric softener, and for a moment we were back together.
I've missed you.

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