18 December 2009

sexting (yes, I really have an entry called sexting and I am embarrassed for myself)

I know,  sexting is pretty ridiculous, so please forgive this forthcoming, shameful admission. 

I  recently made a pact to marry a certain handsome bachelor if we were unable to find someone interesting in the next few years. Rather than  pick a cutoff age, we will rely on what instinctively feels too old to go on any further alone (and yes, I am getting close to that). It was the sort of silly late night conversation that seems ridiculous in the morning, but all of our conversations are like that. We don't exactly talk about health care reform or anything of real importance and although we are perfectly capable, it's just not our glue.

Anyways, I am at the gym for the first time in days, doing curls, when my iphone beeps.  (I always get afraid of being too excited about my beeping phone. It could be gilt.com, ebay, ATT, etc. but still, that part of me that gets excited about the possibility hasn't died yet, regardless of how many times I have been tricked)  So it beeps and  it's him,  and the message says. "I can't believe we are engaged!"  and it's silly and childish, but it's  a distraction from my recently heavy heart ( and I love it when boys think of me out of nowhere) , so I play along.
After an hour of banter I text "I have to jump in the shower and get to work"  which inspired him to type  "my pants are getting tighter!" and just like that, I am happy.  Isn't that the stupidest, my pants are getting tighter makes me feel light and happy for the first time in days.

I know it will probably never go anywhere, but on a day like today, with the week I have had, it's embarrassing to confess that a little harmless sexting goes a long way.


  1. It's nice to hear someone say how I feel. It's ok to be "childish," especially if it makes you feel good.

    PS thank you for the "I love you" with all the "I love you too" tabs at the bottom. I printed it out and put it up near my desk at work. :D

  2. ...than I have to admit I am childish, too...

  3. Hey, saw you had appeared on my followers and thought I'd pop by to say hullo - hullo.

  4. Someone who makes you feel good is nothing to be embarrassed by. Enjoy it.

  5. Your story is romantic and compelling ... I am enjoying your journey. :) Good luck.

  6. Aww, this is cute. You say you are not a writer, but your writing is so entertaining and compelling to read.