16 December 2009


My shower sprung a leak tonight. A bolt that fit all these years, this evening, was completely incapable of containing the flow of water.  Regardless of how I manipulated  and adjusted it, nothing seemed to work and the water still shot out like a geyser.  How does something so simple become like advanced sudoku out of nowhere?
I was standing there in frustration when the phone rings in the next room, and I am surprised to see your name on the caller ID. It seems you have "sorta started dating someone else" but not to worry, "I am a great guy and you will miss seeing my eyes". (It's these compliments at the end that get me the most, like some shitty consolation prize).
I look around my room, and I can still feel all of the hours we spent in there and the ghosts of our year long, late night, mid week conversations. Everything reminds me of you and I wonder how it got this far. You've never made me laugh or want to meet your parents, but that face, your face, is the sweetest I have seen and I hate the thought of not seeing it anymore. My empty bed looks cruel and I fall asleep in a panic and in tears. Water is everywhere and it's an inescapable reality given my lack of skill at fixing leaks.
This wasn't how I imagined our demise...me in my soaked boxers and tshirt, holding a phone and a wrench, listening to you tell me about someone else who makes you happy. 
Can we just put a nail in this year already, please?


  1. 'Waterworks' Great title/metaphor ... you sure you are not a writer?

    If that person couldn't make you laugh ... :0(

  2. You fancy yourself "not a writer", but your writing is powerful. I am reminded of the Police song- THE BED'S TOO BIG WITHOUT YOU.
    I am sorry for the heartache, & really sorry for the leak.

  3. ...and yet again...amazing writing...

  4. This one actually makes me feel sad when I read it.

  5. I can't claim your loneliness but I can practically feel it in your writing.

  6. I like this, powerful and sad; so panicky at the same time. I have been there too. It caught my eye and I had to go back and reread this a few times over.

  7. This is a really good post