11 October 2009

sharing too much.

I was in the mirror this afternoon, kissing it  ( just to see what I might look like to someone kissing me) when a huge raven  flew up to my windowsill and started pecking at my screen, as if it was trying to get inside.  It scared the shit out of me.
And yes, it is completely not normal for a 36yo man to kiss himself in the mirror, I get that (and it wasn't like i was trying to kiss myself, that would be totally creeps) but this can't be a good omen, can it?


  1. Interesting story (I've done the same thing). I hope it is a good omen for you.

    I've looked around your blog. Nice work. And great to find another Minneapolis guy who blogs!

  2. I think it could be a very good omen.

    Ravens often symbolize or represent metamorphosis. They are revered in many native cultures and and tribal leaders are honored by their presence. The raven is also a healer in many native cultures and can also be a guide for a spiritual journey.