13 January 2011


Dan sent me a text last night out of the blue.  "I have been thinking about you and I loved our time together. I miss you (and your playlists) I hope you are happy!".  We talked about life, the last year apart and our year together.  It was the first time I have ever heard from him without first anticipating it (although just the day before he kept coming up in my meditations).  I knew enough to let him go, but in all honesty, I had always wondered if he would find a way back to me.  When we are done talking, I'm certain that this is the end and I actually feel good about that.
It's been said that once the karma of a relationship is over, all that is left is love and I believe it.  All of the sadness I once felt about our demise has been replaced with only love. 

The universe has been singing to me lately and everyday I have renewed faith that everything happens just as it is supposed to.

apparently that wasn't it. This morning there was a text that said. "I really do miss you. please come visit me."   
6 months ago, I would have hopped on a plane (I'd been waiting for him to say those words), but there is no way in hell I would swim those waters again.


  1. Yes You have a blog of unbelievable value.

  2. you guys are sweet, thank you. I love that you like it.