06 July 2011

the downpour reminds me to grow.

“Are you melancholy?” He asked.

“Yes,” I said, offering a slight smile “But, It’s not so bad.” 

“I like melancholy because you can still appreciate humor, see beauty and have hope. Somebody can be sad and it’s just something stupid, and you’re thinking ‘oh get over it. this is silly’ And then there’s real sadness, grief that's nearly impossible to shake.   But then, there’s something deeper than grief, that has a real poignancy to it, that comes from recognizing the delicacy of the human condition.  We can only be as happy as we are sad, but most people don’t realize that. They want to distance themselves from the sadness, only clinging to whatever slice of happiness they can grip onto. They don’t realize that all they’re doing when they pare away the sadness is shaving down their happiness, too. I suspect you aren't like most, in that regard.”

I nodded, feeling exhilarated that someone was actually seeing me, but also frightened.

“But you're also building a wall. I wonder if you realize how intimidating you are?  You’ve become so adept at deflection and distraction, and building up all this self-protection so you can hide the parts of yourself you don’t like — What I’m saying is, don’t be so damned good at it, because it might cost you an opportunity. There’s a dynamism in you that could be tremendous if applied in the right place. That’s my wish for you, that you find that path.”


  1. nice post Jeff!
    I enjoyed the read : )

  2. A good bit of writing...as always. Much enjoyed.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this.

    I yearn for someone to understand me in a similar way, to put into words all the troubles that make up my psyche.

  4. Thanks, Jeff. I always love your posts. :)

  5. Are you writing something other than your blog. I hope so, I'd like to read it someday